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"A company specialized in export, general trade, and manufacturing of household furniture, Sudanese charcoal, Somali charcoal, Colombian charcoal, Nigerian charcoal, Egyptian charcoal, all kinds of charcoal for shisha, barbecue charcoal, modern and classic furniture, white beans, agricultural crops, fruits, vegetables, and all shipping, import, export, and customs clearance services."


About us

who are we

Al-Tariq General Trading Company

It is a service company that provides manufacturing, export, customs clearance and general trading services to all of our customers around the world

Al-Tariq Company was established since 2003 and we have many businesses in all Arab countries and some European countries. Our services consist in manufacturing and exporting some products and mastering them such as charcoal, furniture, home furniture, fruits and vegetables, all agricultural crops, foodstuffs and legumes.

Al-Tariq Company has a professional integrated team working on the satisfaction of the gentlemen of customers and has great experience in the field of his work to reach in the end to a product that satisfies all parties

El-Tarek Company is an integrated gateway to your trade from Egypt